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The roll of the Meeting Planner is to provide a platform for the dissemination of information and education.  The Corporate Show assists Meeting Planners with the utilization of technology that informs and educates. 


This statement is not a marketing phrase at The Corporate Show. It is my way of life.  It is how I earn my living, it is how I have grown a successful business.  I specialize in assisting meeting planners in all things technical and creative.  We are not an audio visual equipment company but rather a production company that helps you manage the audio visual requirements for your program.  Our financial interest in a Meeting Planners' audio visual invoice is to maximize the value and impact of every dollar spent.  The invoice is not paid to us.  We are on the meeting planners' team. 



The Corporate Show is a unique business.  I am Steven Digges and I operate a small business known as The Corporate Show.  I have done so for over fifteen years.  The Corporate Show is unique because I specialize in video production and audio visual technical direction for Meeting Planners.  There are video producers and there are technical directors.  Rarely do you ever find one person with many years of experience at both.  I am as competent on a video set as I am managing a live show in a ballroom. 

I specialize in delivering products and services for meeting planners.  Every product and service I provide begins  with a goal beyond delivering a quality product.  I strive to make the job of the Meeting Planner easier.  Meeting Planners have a tough job.  I understand the responsibility of succeeding at every event you produce lies directly on your shoulders.  The high stress portion of a Meeting Planners job is often caused by a necessary dependance on technological subcontractors.  I understand this and I never forget it.  Therefore, anything I can do to assist a meeting planner with managing technology and the subcontractors who provide it reduces stress, contributes to success, and adds value to my products and services.  I am qualified to manage audio visual technology providers because I have many years of experience working in that industry.  I am an audio visual technical director and live show producer.  The ballroom is my domain.


As your technical director, I work for you, not an AV company.  In the planning and negotiating (AV company negotiations) phase of your program I provide experience based solutions specific to your programs success.  I am not financially motivated because I am not selling you anything.  It is my job to protect your budget and keep your audio visual expenses as low as possible to increase my value to you.  I am often able to save you significant amounts of money in this phase.


On site one of my primary functions is to be sure your live show does not crash.  Many shows crash because of mistakes made while the show is being built in the ballroom.  During the building phase I am in the ballroom managing the AV crew, testing equipment, and performing technical rehearsals.  You are free to manage all of the other details that demand your attention.


During the show I am your go-to person for virtually everything technical.  I work with you, your presenters, and I manage the technicians as I call the show.  I take my job seriously. I have a personal stake in the success of your program.  It is my job to make sure your technical program is a great success.


Video Production


The Corporate Show is a true video production company.  Along with audio visual productions, producing video is our other specialty.  These two specialties are all we do.  As a true video production company our skill in ballroom productions also serve us well when producing videos for Meeting Planners. We can meet the needs of all video requirements a meeting planner may have.  To fully serve the video recording needs of a Meeting Planner you must understand the highly technical world in which he or she operates.  This technical environment is my world too!  Shooting ballroom presentations is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to shooting video for meeting planners.


Webcasting is a perfect example of a Meeting Planner’s highly technical video requirement.  First, there is a live production taking place that must be perfectly shot with no opportunity for a second take.  Second, webcasting is live video with an IT component mixed in.  You must stream video live over the internet to an audience viewing it on a multitude of different devices.  It not only has to be viewable to all intended viewers, it must be viewable only to the intended viewers for security purposes.


A good webcast should look like broadcast television.  It should be shot with multiple cameras and can contain graphics or PowerPoint slides.  It is a video production that requires a technically skilled producer as well as one with live broadcast experience.  The Corporate Show’s video production specialty combined with our live event technical expertise makes us the perfect solution for webcasting.  


Meeting planners often oversee video productions that have nothing to do with a ballroom meeting.  We produce continuing medical education videos, training videos, event coverage videos, and much more.  We have traveled throughout the United States shooting VIP interviews.  Whatever video requirements a Meeting Planner may have we can do it well because we specialize in corporate video production.


In summary, The Corporate Show specializes in video production and technical direction for meeting planners.  I am proud of being a successful small business owner and would like to add you to our list of loyal clients.  I hope my message is clear.  I strive to do more than deliver quality products and services. I do everything I can to make the Meeting Planners job easier and less stressful.  I take ownership in your program and do everything I can to ensure your program is hassle free and does not crash.  This is value over and above high quality.



Steven Digges


The Corporate Show 



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