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I want to be “Your Guy”. What does that mean?

For many years I struggled with my so called elevator speech. That one line explanation of “what do I do?” Now I am taking a cue from my clients. It turns out they all call me the same thing. If you were to ask one of them what I am they would say I am their “Guy”. I am their “Guy” for everything technical or video related. I am their Audio Visual Technical Director and Video Producer. I am the "Guy" that makes sure their shows do not crash.  Once a Meeting Planner discovers The Corporate Show they quickly learn they have someone on their side to handle every detail of complex audio visual productions. I am their “Guy” because I am not an audio visual company. I am a Technical Director that assists them in dealing with audio visual companies. I am their “Guy” because I work from their side of the table. I protect their budget, not add to it, I am not in the equipment rental business. I am also their “Video Guy”. I am in the video production business. I am their “Video Guy” because I specialize in video production for meeting planners. The Corporate Show is a true video production company. If you’re a Meeting Planner imagine having your own “Guy” to take care of everything technical for you. In short, it is my job to make it all work, my shows do not crash. I protect your budget because I have nothing to sell you but my service. Everyone else you deal with in AV is trying to sell you something. Not me, because I am “Your Guy”, your Technical Director and Video Producer. I want to be “Your Guy” too!

If one of my clients was a trusted colleague and friend of yours there is a very good chance you would already be using my services. I say that because that is how my business has always grown over the years, by word of mouth referrals. They would be telling you how rewarding it is to have me working on their team, making sure every aspect of their shows is perfect. I will be happy to put you in touch with those clients so you can hear it yourself, from them instead of me. I want to be your Guy!


Please contact me, E-Mail   GoodGuys@CorporateShow.com  or Call me at 602 896-9545







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