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What Do TCS Clients Have to Say?




It should be obvious TCS did not shoot the video above, we didn't.  But it might be the most important video I have.  Long term TCS client Dr. Tom Orent surprised me by taking the time to shoot this unsolicited testimonial with his web cam.

Thank you Tom!


Below are a few quotes from other Corporate Show clients.  On this website you will notice a resounding theme about understanding the importance of how to conduct business.  These quotes reflect our dedication to each and every client.  Corporate Show clients have been very good to me.



“I have been lucky enough to have worked side by side with Steve and the Corporate Show for two decades. From the planning and delivery of long term executive experiential learning programs to large scale powerful corporate presentations, the corporate show has done it all and has done it with style, creativity and the utmost in professionalism. Steve’s broad experience and years of creating powerful events will be immediately evident to all who work together with Steve and his team. If you need a powerful event or media production, I can say with total confidence that working with Steve and his team is an experience that is not be too missed.”


Michael O’Donnell



“He is a perfectionist about his work, timely, diligent, flexible, personable and professional.  It was a pleasure to work with him.”


Maggie Egan, Communications Coordinator, United States Ski Team



“I met Steve very early in my speaking career.  I told him I wanted my program to be exciting and entertaining.  I said I did not want to be just one more guy on the circuit putting people to sleep.  He said, ‘I get it, you don’t want me to help you with a presentation, you want me to produce a show for you.  You’re talking to the right guy, we can do that.’ And put on a show we did! That was the beginning of an eight year ride delivering over 100 shows in 35 states and three countries!  With Steve in the back of the room operating piles of high tech equipment, I am free to concentrate on my presentation.  He never misses a cue. I have an ace pitcher on my team, a superstar, a guy who watches my back.  I throw ideas at him and he throws back solutions that make the ideas work.  No one goes to sleep at my shows and we have fun keeping them awake!”


Dr. Steven L. Rasner



As a Meeting Planner, having Steve on my team is a dream come true.  All of a sudden every hassle and stressful detail of the audio visual portion of my programs was taken care of for me.  All I have to do is tell him where the next program is booked and I can forget about everything audio visual.  He does it all for me and he does it all well.  My presenters love having Steve at every program.  He knows their material and provides confidence for them that everything will work properly and they will not end up looking foolish on a stage in front of their peers.  When my AV is good my programs are good.  Life is good knowing everything is going to work as it should.  I don’t even negotiate with audio visual companies anymore.  He does that for me too!


Audrey Russell, Meeting Planner



“The first time I heard Steve could make a grown man cry I thought they were kidding.  It later became a standard we would judge him by.  He is part artist, part technician, and always a hard working guy.  He utilizes technology to create a tangible reminder of what our participants learn and experience in our program.  As our media guy he is an invaluable member of our team.  He has worked for us from horseback, in ten feet of snow, on open water, and from the end of a rope.  I think the more challenging the conditions are the more he likes the work.  At the Cimarron Group we teach integrity based leadership.  Steve lives it.  I recommend Steve and The Corporate Show team to anyone seeking a first class media specialist for their program.”


Roy Holly, The Cimarron Group



“Healthy Medicine Academy produces annual Integrative Cancer Medicine symposia, with lectures covering four full days and over 200 professionals attending. We have each lecture video-recorded and turned into DVD and CDs sets that we sell to our attendees and to professionals that were not able to attend. We engaged The Corporate Show to video record our 2013 symposium in its entirety. This was a huge step up in the quality of our video recordings from previous years, and as a result we sold many more DVD sets than we had ever sold before. Steve Digges also served as our audio technical director.  Steve and his crew went overboard to accommodate our attendees and speakers and did an amazing job. There was much praise from all for the quality of the program. He put together a short video promoting our symposia that we are so pleased with. We look forward to having the Corporate Show record and produce our 2014 symposium which will be in November 2014.”

Eve Katz, MA, Director
Healthy Medicine Academy 



“For fifteen years I've worked with Steve Digges, "The Corporate Show."
His company has done ALL of my Super Conferences... from production, to staging, recordings, video edits to masters etc... I've also engaged them to fly around the country to some of my members' offices, coast to coast, to extract great video testimonials.

His fees are reasonable, his work is top notch, and he's the nicest, hardest working, most honest guy in the industry.  He is based out of Arizona, though it never really mattered since he put crews wherever we needed them from top to bottom and coast to coast.

If you ever put on big events, the other thing he does for me is NEGOTIATE best deals on all the local equipment rental.  He is SUPER sharp at this and each show SAVED me enough to pay for a LARGE chunk of his entire invoice to me.”


Dr. Tom Orent  (from an e-mail Dr. Orent sent to a colleague requesting a referral)



The people above do not know each other but there is something they have in common.  They all refer to me as "my guy".  I may have worked for each one of them in a different capacity ie; Producer, Technical Director, or Videographer but in each case I have achieved my ultimate goal with them.  I do not care what official title people place on me, there is no higher status than when a client thinks of me as "my guy".  I wish to be "your guy" too.  Please contact me so I may begin earning my status as "your guy"!




A short list of Corporate Show Clients


Merril Lynch, Lerner NY, Bank of America, Excerpta Medica, International Motor Sports Inc., Cox Communications, Elsevier Science Inc., Hard Core Sports Inc., Gatorade, Dial Inc., Sprint Telacom,

Creative Educational Concepts Inc., AstraZeneca, NASCAR, Cimarron Group, Heel Inc.,

Millennium Medical Institute Inc.,  1000 Gems Publishing, United States Ski Team,

Researched Nutritionals Inc., AT&T, Bank One, Gore Inc., AllTell Inc., Phoenix International Raceway,

Dentsu Japan, Sony Motion Pictures, Pfizer



E- Mail    GoodGuys@corporateshow.com        Telephone  (602) 315-8589      



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