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The Corporate Show


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Video Production


The Corporate Show is a full service video production company specializing in video services for the corporate environment.  Our video production services and products are all designed to deliver your message with impact and influence.  We shoot video with a purpose.  That purpose is to communicate with your audience in a spectacular way.  From concept to delivery we will listen to your purpose and assist you with turning your vision into a polished reality.



Interviews & Testimonial Video:


Interviews and testimonial videos are one of our favorite assignments.  Every one of them is different and they all come with their own challenges.  We approach each one of them knowing exactly what the goal of our client is.  We have a vast amount of experience directing high level executives and physicians to deliver outstanding on camera performances.



Continuing Medical Education Video:


This is an area of expertise where The Corporate Show really shines.  We understand the unique challenges of CME video.  We know that CME video can be highly regulated.  We know your scripts have been scrutinized by your legal department.  We know when variations in a script may not be allowed at all.  We have learned this while working closely with continuing medical education providers and the physicians who deliver the content.  Having that kind of experience is invaluable when directing CME videos.


From large budget studio productions hosted by physicians of national television fame to small productions in clinical settings we have done it all.





CME Sample One, Peter Salvo MD, of PBS, Moderating



CME Sample Two, Modest Budget Sample




Video Recording of Conferences and Meetings:


Recording live meetings is a one take operation, there is no second chance. We get it right every time. I mention the obvious only because I know so many Meeting Planners who have endured less than satisfactory results when having their meeting video recorded.  You can trust The Corporate Show to deliver spectacular images and crystal clear audio.  Video recording corporate meetings is one of our specialties.  We are The Corporate Show!




We have been broadcasting live over the internet since 2007.  That is a long time before the band wagon filled up and left the stable.   A few of the things our clients use this service for are;

The possibilities are endless. This is broadcast quality video securely delivered to the audience of your choice.



Website Video:


Video can dramatically increase the value of your website.  Websites are no longer static pages filled with text.  By adding dynamic full motion video and sound to your website we will captivate your viewers as we assist you in delivering your message.



Video From the Road:


So far, my work in video production, audio visual production, and photography has taken me to four continents, seven countries, and forty three states.  My passport is always up to date and the bags are always packed! 




As you looked over this web page I hope it became clear to you that The Corporate Show is a video production company with a very clear mission.  That mission is to create video with your message effectively communicated and delivered to your audience.  We are not in the entertainment business.  We bring the tools and techniques of the entertainment industry to the table and put them to work for you as valuable business assets.  Video is a very powerful communication tool.  It is our desire and goal to focus that power to achieve your desired result.  Thank you for taking the time to look into the products and services offered by The Corporate Show.  I hope to discuss a video project with you soon.



Steven Digges


The Corporate Show




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